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 Some background on J. Preston Eby


the Lord placed him into…

J. Preston Eby was born into a Mennonite family in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  While still a toddler his parents received the baptism in the Holy Spirit through the witness of some Pentecostal brethren in the area.  They were led of the Lord to sell their business and move to Alabama to do missionary work.  In his twelfth year Preston was filled with the Spirit – and in that same year the Holy Spirit sovereignly unfolded to his understanding the wonderful truth of the reconciliation of all things and all men unto God.  No one else around him – in family or church associations – embraced this revelation.  Through those early years he kept this truth to himself and pondered it in his heart.  Later he came into contact with, and was touched by, a mighty move of the Spirit known as the "Latter Rain", with emphasis on the body of Christ, gifts of the Spirit, laying on of hands, impartation, five-fold ministry, prophetic ministry, spiritual worship, the kingdom of God, and going on to perfection, unto fullness of sonship to God.

The Lord pressed him into a deeper walk with Him, intensifying within his heart the truths of sonship and the kingdom of God, already planted within as seed through the visitation of the Lord as Latter Rain.  Along the way he became associated with brother Gerald Derstine and The Gospel Crusade in Sarasota, Florida, serving as an associate minister with him for eight years, first co-pastoring and later pastoring the Revival Tabernacle in that city.  His wife Lorain and he, with their family, were on the mission field in Latin America for a total of five years, with ministry in several other areas as well.  For seven years, following this, he was an elder in a fellowship of believers in El Paso, Texas where they witnessed a precious move of the Spirit and a body of saints flowing together in the liberty and life of the Spirit. 

Eventually the Lord changed even that order, and in 1976 led him into a full-time writing ministry directed to those who are called and chosen as elect of God to grow up into the full stature of Jesus Christ as sons of God.  The writing ministry includes a monthly message titled KINGDOM BIBLE STUDIES as well as a number of booklets on various subjects.  This ministry is greatly expanding throughout the world and our sincere hope and earnest prayer is that this course shall redound to HIS GLORY in encouragement, strengthening, edification and blessing to unnumbered thousands of God’s elect sons everywhere – that creation may at last witness the true manifestation of the sons of God, setting all creation free from the bondage of corruption, restoring all things to God, and bringing to pass the glory of the kingdom of God throughout the whole earth and unto the unbounded heavens.

KINGDOM BIBLE STUDIES are sent free to anyone upon request.  God’s Word is always free to all.  God’s way is, “Freely you have received, freely give” (Mat. 10:8).  We trust God to lay it upon the hearts of those He chooses to provide the means for publishing and sending out these Studies.  We do not have anything to sell.  If you or a friend would like to receive these articles, please either write to the address below for a hard copy or sign up for our electronic version which is mailed out monthly as well.  Notification of change of address is appreciated.

 J. Preston Eby

PO Box 371240

El Paso  TX  79937-1240


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