Note:  J. Preston Eby, in order to continue to devote his full energy to writing, no longer works in the office and does not receive email. He does, however, respond to any urgent correspondence via snailmail.


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Because of the many requests from brethren to be able to send financial support online from a credit card or checking account, just click below to donate via Paypal.
I will take care of these transactions for my dad, J. Preston Eby at Kingdom Bible Studies.
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KINGDOM BIBLE STUDIES are sent free to anyone upon request.  God's Word is always free to all.  God's way is, "Freely you have received, freely give" (Mat. 10:8).  We trust God to lay it upon the hearts of those He chooses to provide the means for the publishing and sending out these Studies.  We do not have anything to sell.  If you or any friend would like to receive these articles, please write to the address below.  Notification of change of address is appreciated.

Gifts to the KINGDOM BIBLE STUDIES ministry are not tax deductible, however a receipt may be given to those who specifically request them via snailmail.

KINGDOM BIBLE STUDIES ministry accepts both online donations as well as through the postal service.

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Kingdom Bible Studies  PO Box 371240  El Paso TX 79937

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